<span class="hpt_headertitle">My number one self-care routine I practice every single day</span>

My number one self-care routine I practice every single day

The number one self-care routine I practice every single day

Self-care isn’t just about yoga, green smoothies and telling yourself you’re strong, capable and beautiful. It encompasses all of those things too (and they’re all routines I love and feel good doing), but one thing I always make sure to fall back in to (especially during those days where you can’t seem to make the stress go away) is to repeat this very simple but effective (number one self-care routine) mantra: Take. Your. Time.

young woman in red dress sitting under an old oak tree practicing self-love and number one self-care routine
Me sitting under an old oak tree last summer just soaking in the warmth and soft whispers of nature.

The radical act of self-care through patience

Just like watching a plant grow we need to be patient with ourselves, nourish our purpose, and give ourselves time in order for us to be able to focus on our personal growth. We’re not built to do everything all at once, and just like one of my favourite people Yoga Girl so wisely stated the other day, “As women and mothers especially, we are taught that we are here to serve. But setting boundaries is a radical form of self-care – and when you are at your best self, everyone around you benefits, too.”

To set boundaries, to me, is to be patient with yourself and to know your own worth. This is SO important in both your work life and personal life. As busy female business women who are already fighting to be heard in a male-dominated world every single day we need to claim our space and put our needs in the forefront.

woman with long hair and a cervix necklace standing in front of old oak tree practicing number one self-care routine

My time is just as important as anyone elses

For the past two years I’ve been practicing this form of self-care routine in almost everything I do; from getting dressed in the morning when I’m already late, cooking a meal when I’m so hungry I could pass out, writing a report that’s due that same afternoon, to putting lotion on my body after a shower (when I don’t have to be anywhere), spending time in nature on a Sunday morning, or enjoying a three-course meal with my boyfriend. I take my time and say to myself that all of these small things are important and are all a part of my lifestyle. number one self-care routine

It's all in the details

Like, when I’m coming home from work and need to cook dinner and I’m so hungry that all I want to do is take that bag of crisps in the pantry and not eat anything else; I stop for a moment and remind myself that I’m WORTH the time it takes to make a nourishing, satisfying, properly cooked, healthy meal. I KNOW that it will make me feel a lot better than a bag of crisps, and while I’m at it I might as well make a little extra for tomorrow’s lunch box. That small routine of stopping for a moment and reminding myself of my worth has become my lifesaver. After that everything feels like a self-care ritual where I carefully wash and prepare the ingredients, let it cook for as long as it needs, and I might even make a few tasty side dishes to make the table look more enticing (I love a table full of food!). But why am I doing this exactly? 

The benefits of reclaiming our time

By doing this I’m telling myself and the world that who I am and what I do is important. It makes me feel important, and for some awesome reason it also creates an illusion that I actually have more time which de-stresses my mind and body.

close-up photo of morning dew on green grass number one self-care routine
close-up photo of green leaf with yellow veins number one self-care routine

What you can do to reclaim your time TODAY and practice this simple yet effective number one self-care routine

  • Tell yourself that your time is as important as anyone elses
  • Take your time when getting dressed
  • Stop for a moment during cooking to smell and taste your food
  • Remind yourself that you are the one in charge of your time
  • DELEGATE! Ask someone to help you - especially at work
  • If you own a business, hire a Virtual Assistant to help you organize your workflow
  • Watch a plant grow (like, not literally, but look at it for a while and use the metaphor)
  • Allow yourself to rest - you can't do everything at once
  • Write a list of all the things that needs doing and prioritize
  • When already stressed, slow down and remember that your purpose is NOT to save everyone else

What are your favourite self-care routines when it comes to stressing down? I would love to hear about and discuss them, and I’m sure a lot of people would find it useful if we all shared them in the comments below!

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