About Sabina

Your creative virtual assistant

Hey you, conscious female business owner!

I’m Sabina, your Swedish right-hand creative virtual assistant helping you, the conscious female business owner, reclaim your time and conquer overwhelm. Allow me to organize your workflow and take on daily tasks, so you can get back to focusing on your purpose & GROWTH.

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Mindful growth

I’m all about the mindful, simple, self-focused & organized lifestyle which includes how and when we spend our time. I have always known that there is another way of balancing work and play, not just the living for-the-weekend-hustle that leaves us frustrated and, worst-case, burnt out. We need time to focus on what’s important to our business and ourselves in order to grow & thrive (hence the obsession with the colour green and leaves of all sorts): I value my own time and want to have more of it as much as I value YOUR time and want YOU to have more of it. This is absolutely possible while working full-time: the answer is a virtual assistant!

Why I love what I do

I’m a Swedish native living and working in Stockholm with my boyfriend Anton and our adoptive cat Tasse, and I have been obsessed with administration and creative pursuits since I was little. I remember playing as a child and pretending I was sitting in my home office with my calendar, planning meetings and revising the budget, as well as singing, dancing, drawing and, later on, photographing everything and everyone around me to keep a visual journal of my life. This later grew to be my profession of choice.

Me as a creative virtual assistant

Since then I’ve spent 4 years studying BA (HONS) photography at UCA Farnham, and a grand total of 14 years perfecting my photography skills. In 2014, one year after my graduation, I moved back to Sweden to start a career as an administrative assistant at The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. My career there begun as a customer service assistant and ended with me being the Executive Assistant to the Secretary general. Last year, after 5 years as an employee struggling with mental health issues and trying to regenerate after being burnt out, I quit my job as an EA to start my own business, and this is where I am now. I get to hone my skills as a creative administrative assistant from my home office, with enough time to spend on the things I love.

I value your time and want you to have more of it